HadesKal 2019 - a Greek Mythology Private Server

General Server Information

Start your journey as a half-god, talk to the gods on the Olymp (Zeus, Poseidon etc.) and bring Hades soul to them! On level 140 you have to do your final decision, fight for the Olymp or fight for Hades and the underworld. A fight between good and evil will last until the war is over! Enjoy a completely custom Kalserver with new storyline, different rates and custom items. You will never forget this gaming experience!

Hadeskal 2019 will be based on newest 2019 Engine files:
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There will be all up-to-date addons such as: 3rd job, awaken, realtime pimp, level rewards, honorshop, pet, riding, skillbooks, etc.
We will also run a poll on facebook to see if you want Thief and Shaman or not.

In addition there will be completely custom addons like:
Unique Hunting System | Custom Story PVP level 150+ | Awaken Custom levels | Custom Honor Tags

Many years of gaming experience make this server unique. Professional lead will guarantee a long-term fun server and an active team. Updates, Events and bugfixes will keep you up to date and ensure a great gaming experience from players for players.