HadesKal 2019 - a Greek Mythology Private Server

Fair Donation System

Noone likes pay 2 win servers. To ensure the best gameplay for non-donaters such as donaters I set up a few donation rules:

1. You can not Donate for the highest Grade of Equip!
2. Prices are extra-high to have a low amount of donaters!
3. Donaters get KalCash every week for donation.

Let me explain this because it is completely new:
Once you donate for the server, you get KalCash every week. If you donate again, the amount will be increased.
This completely new system is developed to ensure 3 things:
1. there will not be alot of KalCash ingame at one time.
2. donaters have the chance to build up a weekly income.
3. you will enjoy your donation much more because it's not just gone after 1 day!

Price table will be released on open Beta.