HadesKal 2019 - a Greek Mythology Private Server

Hades Team

We all know that the wrong team destroyed so many private servers.
On Hadeskal there is a professional Team-System so noone will have advantages.
We managed this with special Team-Roles: GameSage, Supporter, GameMaster, Administrator

Administrator2Share of DonationRoot access | Server work | SQL | Fix Bugs | Create new stuff
GameMaster2KC like 30€ / weekCreate new stuff | Fix Bugs
Supporter4KC like 20€ / weekFind and block Hacker/Abuser | Contact for GameSages
GameSage15KC like 10 € / weekNormal Player has the only job to help other People

GameSages are here to help the other players ingame. They have to know the server good! Only People who played on alpha and beta testing will be in GameSage position because they have a good knowledge of the server. GameSage position is very attractive because you get weekly KalCash. Every week there will be a poll about the best, the worst and a newcomer GameSage. So being GS doesn't mean you are always GS. You have to constantly do your job right.